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Gametime is Saturdays at 7pm EDT. Next two planned sessions are 11/13 and 11/20

starting level is 8.

Using maptool ver b75 with rumble’s framework beta 5

Standard level 8 creation method.
Deities are open, talk to DM
Alignment open but keep in mind no PK or working against the party it is counter intuitive to this campaign’s purpose.
Treasure rules….unsure of but not using item rarity

House rules:

1 free expertise feat
Versatile Expertise gains bonuses at 11/21 not 15/25
must have 4 encounters before gaining the effects of an extended rest, DM can waive this restriction at will
No Themes
Mark Feats are reflavored to fit Factions from Sigil (pre faction war)


  • Mercykillers get Mark of Storm
  • No other current factions have been assigned a mark feat, talk to me if you plan on taking one.
  • You can take a mark feat before we get to Sigil but expect to join that faction and have a story line of some sort of prophecy or destined member/leader of said faction.

Home Page

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