Planescape CharOP campaign

Starting Premise

You all start in the town of Silver Hills. It is an outlying town in the region of Kifadin. You are career adventurers for hire that take jobs as they come. Your characters know of each other through reputation, tavern songs and rumors as you started your fledgling careers and are now established adventurers of the region. You may have taken a job in which you were partnered with a few of the others before; such as to rid Danthmore of its zombie infestation or bring medicine to the miners of Ralth but that is the extent of your relationship with each other.

Goblin raiders had been launching a siege on Silver Hills and just this morning you finally succeeded in repelling them rendering Silver Hills safe once again. The battle did not come without a cost. The lord of Silver Hills, Lord Byron, lost his eldest son and heir to the lordship. In response, Lord Byron has summoned all adventurers that have adventured recently with his youngest son, Jey, to his residence in order to bring him back safely. You were one of the ones summoned along with 10 others. You learn that Jey and 2 others left to rid the area of Silekth of a resident owlbear before the Goblin raids occurred and has not be heard from since.

The campaign starts off in Lord Byron’s Atrium where his Seneschal is stating the mission and pay.



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